An Era has Ended!
As of April 6th, 2013 Azars has closed it's
doors after 34 years.

Thank you for all of your support
in the past!!


Azar’s Gallery provides an extraordinary selection of exquisite hand-made Oriental rugs from many corners of the globe. Finely woven and intricately designed, hand-knotted rugs are produced in a myriad of colors and patterns at centers in China, India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. With modern advances in transportation and communication, it is no longer possible to identify a single country or region as having the “best” rugs. Each of the rug producing centers weaves rugs in a broad range of quality.

Our massive inventory, the largest under one roof in Michigan, includes items selected from both the traditional and modern design pallets, as well as many fine antique rugs. In addition, we provide expert repair and restoration, cleaning, and certified appraisal service.

Our rugs will enhance the beauty of your home by complimenting your colors and furnishings. Azar’s courteous and knowledgeable staff will work with you to create the comfortable, welcoming ambience you want in your home.

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